GSOFT is a technology-oriented software company, established by founders with enthusiasm, specialized competence and professional experience. We would like to develop and lead one of the leading software companies in Vietnam and step by step, moving forward and reaching out to the global market. 

GSOFT provides management software solutions for enterprises, corporations, banks, universities, hospitals, Internet-based community connectivity solutions, website systems and services, website related services, e-commerce and e-government systems.

GSOFT is always focused on the quintessential research and hands-on application of technology to improve the quality of life for our better communities. 


GSOFT  has been building and unstoppably developing as a common home for people who have creativity and passions in the specific field of software technology, especially information technology, and the creative economy in general.


By the national, regional and global scope of word, GSOFT, with the contribution of unique intellectual technology products and solutions, has improved for the better quality of life.



For Our


GSOFT utilizes the latest scientific and technological achievements to provide solutions, products, and services that help our customers improve their work efficiency, increase their revenue and brand value, and at the same time, help them reduce their administrative, advertising, communication, marketing, and sales costs.

For Our


GSOFT always creates a dynamic environment to stimulate the creativity and development of each GSOFT member, and at the same time, it is a home and a family for GSOFT members – the GSOFT family.


For the


With the slogan “ALL FOR THE BETTER LIFE”, the solutions, products and services provided by GSOFT will bring good value to the public and life.

For Science

and Technology

By researching and applying advanced science and technology, GSOFT contributes to enriching the treasury of science and technology as well as bringing science and technology closer to real life!




Critical thinking and unstoppable creativity, we shall be always asking, “Is there a better way to make it?


Customer Orientation

A customer-oriented way of thinking, in which we put ourselves in the customer’s shoes and provide services to the customer as one would like to be served.


Solidarity – Professionalism

Solidarity – Professionalism is prioritizing the interests of the customer and the common good for the overall goal of sustainable development.


Work Hard, Play Hard

The spirit of doing our best and playing hard, in earnest and in harmony between work and the joy of life.


Integrity – Honesty – Responsibility

Live with honesty, integrity, and responsibility to ourselves, our family, our company, and most importantly, our society.





Products & Services

Goods management software


Vendor management software



Shopping plan management software


Shopping management software


Property management software


Vehicle fleet management software


Real estate management software



Building management software


Material management software – materials


gCPMS: Credit management software



Provide project-based software solutions



Onsite software development cooperation



gEdubanking: Software system for training



gEClinic: Professional clinic management software

Your satisfaction is our greatest success!

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